Triangle of Conversations

Come discover how to create your unimaginable future.

Why choose our program ?

1) Conversations Distinction: Have you ever noticed to what point our conversations have an influence on our state? Have you ever noticed your reactions when you have a negative conversation? What kind of impact does that have on you, your colleagues or the people around you? Developing the ability to maintain powerful conversations is essential to having better relationships. Train yourself to be 100% present in your conversations today and think about what you can put in place to improve.

2) Language Distinction: What is the language you use most of the time? We sometimes forget that several languages exist, and especially when and how to use them. Are you interested in developing to speak from your heart most of the time? Many businesses experience unhealthy atmospheres due to poor language and this has a negative consequence on the people involved. Today, practice speaking from your heart, even at work. You will see to what point this does you and others good.

3) Words Distinction: What words do you use most often in your conversations? Do you take the time to properly choose your words? Do you verify with others that what you say truly means the same thing to others? We assume too often that a word has the same meaning for everyone. A word used by 10 people can have 10 different meanings. We don’t value the words we use enough, and it is one of the most important tools we use to communicate. Today, pay attention to the words you use, and take the time to see if they mean the same thing to the other person.

4) Shape and Depth Distinction: Deep down inside ourselves, we maintain conversations that stop us from evolving and from being the best version of ourselves. What shape do these conversations take over time? How can we transform them? We have buried so many conversations since our birth that we are not always aware of the ones that corner us in certain situations. Today, pay special attention to your internal conversations and be present to the impact they have on you.

5) Checklist Distinction: We all have an internal checklist that we use in our conversations. What causes a breakdown in our conversations, is our lack of knowledge about this list. Today, be present to how you evaluate everything you hear.

6) Freedom Distinction. Most people want to feel free. What does freedom mean exactly? How can we feel it? What stops us from being free? No one likes to feel cornered. Freedom lives in our mind. When our heads are full of preoccupations, worries, doubts and a ton of information we must process, how can we feel free? Today, pay special attention to your thoughts concerning freedom and think about an action you can take or a thought you can transform that will give you freedom.

Objectives of the training

You will learn how to communicate and speak with power. This training will allow you to evolve at a higher level in your conversations in your daily life. You will also discover how to apply the distinctions from High Speed Performance at a higher level and in a different way. You will develop the ability to distinguish the hold and the strength of these conversations that stop you from evolving. This training will teach you to really be powerful in your language to create an unimaginable future.

Get the benefits ! 
  • Better communication
  • Better relationships
  • Use words in a different way
  • Perfect your language

The 6 themes of the sessions


You will look at the type of conversations we have and also what is in the background. It is our lack of distinction that has our conversations lack power and freedom.


You will discover why language is the mode we use to communicate, converse and be in relationships. It is our lack of abilities that makes it difficult to be understood and to be heard. You will learn that language takes different forms.


You will discover in what area real power of conversations and language resides. It is mostly our lack of ability with words and our understanding of what words mean to us that is the cause of our loss of power and freedom in our lives.

Content and Form

You will learn why most of us speak from our heads rather than our hearts, from form rather than from content. Our lives are in our conversations. Language is the home of humans, and words are the way we relate to other human beings.


You will identify your personal “Checklist” and why you limit yourself to not be yourself in your life. Most people aren’t aware that they have a “Checklist.” You will have a key advantage by being able to train in your “Checklist.”


You will learn the freedom to express yourself with power. Freedom exists in conversations we have with ourselves and others.
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How it works

This course is on zoom for 15 weeks, 1 hour per week. This method allows you to come back each month to be able to evaluate your own progress and to make the necessary adjustments month to month.

This method gives you a solid foundation to build on your ongoing success.

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Triangle of Conversations is a program celebrating 15 years of success. Certified by the Minister of Education.

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