High Speed Performance

Do you want to accomplish anything, anywhere, anytime with anyone ?

Why choose our program ?

We become highly performant when we get that

Your energy and your actions are direct outcomes of how well you take care of your mind.
When you come from your resigned past and your fear of failure, your level of vitality decreases dramatically.

Do you want to accomplish your projects consistently?
How productive and efficient are you?

In this program, we will give you SIX KEY DISTINCTIONS that have you practice in the projects of your business and your life that are important to you.

Come develop your abilities to accomplish what you want with whomever you want with a structure that is clear and simple. This structure is replicable in all the projects of your business and your life.

Objectives of the training

The objective of the training is to create or accomplish a project in your personal or professional life. Each day, we will present different coaching fundamentals that will help you reach your objectives by increasing your efficiency, satisfaction, productivity, determination and creativity. During the training, you will discover and develop your skills through action.

Some examples of areas in your projects are :

  • Human resource management
  • Financial and administrative management
  • Business development
  • Career reorientation, retirement
  • Family
  • Personal project
  • Travel

Some examples of targeted results in your project :

  • Master empowering conversations.
  • Transform your listening skills
  • Meet your fixed objectives
  • Improve teamwork
  • Make your teammates accountable
  • Obtain financial freedom
  • Manage your budget differently
  • Generate financing
  • Take vacation
  • Have time for family
  • Self care
  • Realize your dreams

Key training themes :

  • Determine the project from the Performance distinction
  • Listening distinction
  • Cause and Effect distinction
  • Small Voices distinction
  • Who vs. What distinction
  • Evolution distinction
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How it works

This course is given 8 hours a day, 1 day per month for 3 months in Quebec, Canada.

This method allows you to come back each month to be able to evaluate your progress and to make the necessary adjustments month to month.

This method gives you a solid foundation to build on your ongoing success.

Come join the YulCoach team and walk alongside other incredible leaders in all different types of industries.

High Speed Performance is a program celebrating 19 years of success. Certified by the Ministry of Education.

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