Learn to be free by mastering your truth.

Why choose our program ?

This course is like none other.

It works in the silence of what is not being said.

Do you want to be able to identify your Ego and learn how to make your Ego your ally?

The way you shape it matters. This program will support you to have it become your best friend and your partner.

Come train your Ego to be your partner in your success.

We train you through pleasure and passion.
The extraordinary YOU is waiting. What are you waiting for?

Objectives of the training

This training was created for people who want a better life, for any entrepreneur or person who wants to create relationships based on truth with friends, family and employees.
You will learn different behaviours and why, from moment to moment, you react to everything for nothing.
You will discover how you have been stopped through culture since you were born.
You will also have access to shape your ego’s culture to have freedom to reculture your ego.


  • Understand your ego
  • Discover how it works
  • Have a system to manage your ego
  • Train yourself to stop sabotaging your life
  • Know how to identify your ego
  • Create a way for your ego to be at your service
  • And much more !

What You Will Learn

In this training, you will learn to what point your ego manages the I, meaning in your life and your life with others.
You will train yourself to be in a relationship with yourself and with all the people you communicate with.

You will also learn to take charge of the I in all the areas of your life.
Partnered with the best business-coaching business in Quebec after 32 years of success: YULCOACH

How it works

This program is given on the ZOOM App over 15 weeks, 1 hour a week. 

This method allows you to come back each month to be able to evaluate your progress and to make the necessary adjustments month to month.

This method gives you a solid foundation to build on your ongoing success.

Join WOW Academy and learn to live in the World Of Winners.

Ego is a program celebrating 12 years of success. Certified by the Minister of Education.

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