About Ani Evans.

Ani Evans is a #1 transformational coach who has transformed thousands of lives, through business owners and their teams.
She thrives on the business community reaching their objectives and maintaining their vision and mission. She is all service to in this world.
Ani has lived by her own rules. She is an adventure seeker, trailblazer and has dedicated her life to the subject of HUMAN EVOLUTION. She believes that WE EVOLVE IN ACTION NOW.

Her pedigree had her specialize in sales, marketing and advertising in her twenties. She managed a team of over 500 people to maintain revenues of 320% over budget to ensure a multinational corporation became a leader in their industry in 2 years and still is to this day.

Her thirties were dedicated to a Bachelor’s degree in Geography majoring in Human Environment which is right up her alley, as she fully grasps culture differences, generational changes, energy, space, time and human behavior.

She has become an expert at studying patterns, cycles and rhythms in human beings.

Ani reads any person in front of her and can see their blind spots so they can flourish and remain vital and healthy.

She became a lead expert in teaching others how to buy undervalued ocean property with a foolproof 10 step formula for passive income in her thirties speaking at Harv Eker’s Millionaire School.

Her dream now is to become one of the writers for the National Geographic’s newest print editions about diving deep on how human beings work? And how the mind plays such an essential role to our own evolution and the evolution of the planet.

She herself has been coached by the pioneer coach here in Canada for 22 years, Mr. Yvon Laplante.
His company, YulCoach, 32 years this year, has created 11 programs that are certified by the Minister of Education.
These programs have been given for 20 years every year to every type of leader in their industry.

Some of the clients Ani coach are in aviation, financial services, propane, oil, education, notarial, law, real estate, electrical, plumbing, medicine, retail clothing stores, restaurants, fiscalists, digital marketing agencies, grocers and production and manufacturing plants. She has been coaching for 8 years now.

Her energy, drive, and no nonsense type approach of coaching will ensure you win, thrive and develop who you are meant to be. Join her and get busy achieving the impossible.
Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.

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Our Commitment.

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