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Business coaching is about unlimited results, innovative approaches and out-of-the box thinking.

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Accomplish your projects, goals and objectives ?

Use an innovative approach to maximize results ?

Enhance team performance through the utilization of your team's talent and potential ?

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What is a Coach ?

A coach is your silent partner, who listens and asks questions. What is important to us is your mission and your vision. Our job is to have your full potential, talents and abundance surface and for you to live by daily.
A business coach accelerates the attaining of your objectives, makes you responsible for your own evolution and uses an innovative approach that gives you unlimited results.

Why a Coach ?
For extraordinary and unimaginable results

Anita's blog

Under the deep blue sea

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Morning and a cup of coffee

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New year, new workplace

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Here are some tangible results you can expect to have:

  • Increased revenues
  • Expansion in staff and in space
  • Early Retirement
  • Team values and standards respected consistently
  • Financing Approved
  • More vacation time
  • Self care

Work with me : In PROGRAMS

Do you want to accomplish anything, anywhere, anytime with anyone ?
Come discover how to create your unimaginable future.
Awaken the leader sleeping in you.
Learn to be free by mastering your truth. 
Be the leader that trains leaders.
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What our customers have to say

  • Ali Souini
    Ali Souini
    12:40 20 Mar 19
    Looking to take your business to the next level? Look no further. Anita Evans offers incredible support and innovative ideas to help you on a personal level and business grow and thrive. Five big stars for Anita!read more
    Vanessa Bosco
    Vanessa Bosco
    14:57 17 Mar 19
    Anita is a great coach, intuitive and inspiring!
    Information Ossiano
    Information Ossiano
    19:13 16 Mar 19
    Anita is absolutely wonderful! I had a few session with her and she really helped me turn my vision and made me realize so many things. She takes her time with you and she’s 1 phone call away every time. I truly recommend her as a business coach. 5 star is not enough to rate more
    Lori Karpman
    Lori Karpman
    17:20 16 Mar 19
    Anita is an outstanding coach. She really takes the time to understand her clients and to create individualized plans based on each person's needs. She always shows up! Highly recommend her!read more
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